Why I Dropped Dropbox for Google Drive

With the launch of Google Drive, many are wondering what differentiates it from Dropbox, and whether or not its worth making a switch.

I made the switch the week it launched. Here are a couple of reasons why:

  1. I am already a heavy Google Docs user. I quit using Pages, Word, Numbers, or Excel several months ago and started using Google Docs for everything. I love it. For what I need from it, Google Docs word docs and spreadsheets have the perfect set of features. Because I already use Google Docs for everything that I create, having a folder that I could sync between computers and increasing storage space for pdf’s, media, etc. seemed like a no brainer.
  2. Google Drive works exactly like Dropbox. You get a central folder on your computer that then syncs the contents of that folder with any other device that Drive is installed on. You can share single files or entire folders within your Drive folder, just like in Dropbox. The cool thing about Drive is that if you are collaborating on an actual Google Doc, you can do so in real-time and have it saved on both ends.
  3. Google Drive is ridiculously cheaper than Dropbox. I upgraded to a 30GB drive for only $2.49 per month. 100GB would only be $4.99 per month (half the price of Dropbox).

Really, the only con that I have found is the limited number of Drive users so far. Because Dropbox has been such a large force for cloud collaboration and syncing up until now, the majority of people have been using it for a while, and are not quite ready to make the switch to something new. Hopefully this will begin to change.I still maintain my Dropbox because of the folders and files I share with those who still use it instead of Drive, but it is becoming less and less of a resource for me now. And I no longer have to bug my friends about joining Dropbox so I can get free space.


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