Bloom: Coffee Recipe & Timer App for iPhone

I’m quite the fanatic when it comes to cool and helpful apps for the iPhone. So when you have one that helps keep track of all my coffee brewing recipes, I’m all over it. There are several out there in the App store, but there is one in particular that has remained on my home screen since it launched late in 2011. It’s called Bloom.

photo 4Bloom is a fully customizable app that stores all the parameters needed to brew a great cup of coffee with virtually any manual brewing method. The app comes pre-loaded with base parameters for Chemex, Aeropress, Clever Dripper, Kalita Wave, French Press, Woodneck, Beehouse, Bonmac, Eva Solo, and Siphon brewer. You are free to customize any of the parameters within these recipes or even duplicate them and customize the copy for saving more than one recipe for any one device.

Each recipe shows you the timer at the top and your parameters for the amount of coffee and water needed. You can add notes to any item in the recipe, such as grind setting, water volume for bloom, etc. photo 1The timer can be broken up into various steps such as bloom, pour, infusion, drop, press, etc. that you can set according to the brewing method.

One of my favorite features of Bloom is the social sharing side of the app. You can share any recipe via email, message, or tweet. If the recipient or Twitter follower has the Bloom app installed on their iPhone, they can easily import the shared recipe into their own app for use. It’s fun to search Twitter for great recipes to import. Simply search #params.

The app is $2.99 and I think it is well worth it. I use it on almost a daily basis. It’s well designed and super functional for all you manual brewers out there. Go download the app here. And be sure to follow @bloomapp on Twitter.


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