Add Tasks to Your Wunderlist Inbox via Siri and Apple Reminders

I have been a long-time fan of Wunderlist. It has become my go-to app for task management, and I’ve tested just about every task management / gtd app out there. I’m also very picky about what sort of functionality I want out of an app. For me, Wunderlist has come to implement just about everything I want; sharing, recurring tasks, cloud sync, webapp, native reminders for each device, email tasks to Wunderlist inbox, and the ability to view tasks by Today, Week, All, or by task list. Oh and it’s beautifully designed and is FREE!

However, with all of this, there has been one feature that I have been wanting to see for some time: integration with Apple’s Reminders app and therefore the ability to add tasks to my Wunderlist inbox via Siri. This was one feature that I loved so much when I used Things. Any task / reminder added to my Reminders app would sync to my inbox in Things. This was a workaround for using Siri to add new tasks. Now, thanks to the new IFTTT (If This Then That) app for iPhone, this is now possible.

IFTTT does exactly what its name says. You connect it with one of many various applications and create recipes, which consist of triggers that take an action of one app and do something in another app. For example, I use for all of my personal and family photo storage. I have a recipe that automatically pulls any photo I post to Instagram and saves it in a folder on Pretty cool, but not what this article is about…

If you would like the convenience of being able to use Siri to add tasks to you Wunderlist inbox, here is all you have to do. You just need a Gmail account that is associated with your Wunderlist account and the IFTTT iPhone app. This recipe utilizes the “Mail to Wunderlist” feature, which you can read more about here, if need be.

Let’s get started…

1. Open the IFTTT app and click the Recipe icon in the upper right corner.
Photo Jul 14, 2 54 03 PM2. Click the + in the upper right corner to add new recipe.
Photo Jul 14, 2 54 09 PM

3. Click the Blue + to create first trigger in the recipe; your “If” action.
Photo Jul 14, 2 46 43 PM4. Slide the apps over until you find the iOS Reminders app.
Photo Jul 14, 2 46 19 PM5. Click the Blue + next to “Any new reminder.” Unless you want to use a specific list within your Reminders app. If so, just enter the name of the list on the next screen. You can still use Siri to add tasks to a specific list in Reminders. When she asks you “Shall I create it?”, just tell her to “Add it to my ‘______’ list.” I just set this option to “Any new reminder.”
Photo Jul 14, 2 46 52 PM6. Next, click the Red + for your “That” action. Find the Gmail app. If you haven’t connected your account with IFTTT yet, you will be directed through the steps to do so at this point. You must use the Gmail address that is associated with your Wunderlist account for this recipe to work.
Photo Jul 14, 2 47 07 PM7. Click the Red + next to “Send an email.” On the next screen, you will be asked to enter an email address. Enter and click “Continue.”

8. Now, review your recipe. It should say. “If any new reminder, then send an email from” If so, click “Finish.” We’re almost there!

9. Once, you click finish, you will be taken to your lists of recipes. Click the one you just made (It should be the one at the top).
Photo Jul 14, 2 54 09 PM10. Next, click “Edit Recipe“.
Photo Jul 14, 2 54 18 PM11. Go to the “Subject” section and remove everything except {{Title}} (delete the quotation marks as well). This will ensure that the Subject line, which is what the name of your task will be, remains nice and clean. You can then choose what you want to keep or remove from the “Body” section. Everything there will be added as a Note in the task.
Photo Jul 14, 2 54 31 PM

12. Once you are finished, click “Update.”

13. Now, launch Siri and add a task. I find it easier if you use particular language with Siri. I want to add a task to my Wunderlist inbox, but I don’t want Siri to be the one reminding me about the task. Once I move the task from my inbox to a particular list, I will then add any applicable reminders within Wunderlist. So instead of telling Siri to “Remind me” to do something. I tell it, “Add __________ to my reminders list.” By doing this, Siri will skip the step where she asks you when you want to be reminded. She simply adds it to the list.
Photo Jul 14, 3 01 53 PMPhoto Jul 14, 3 02 01 PM

14. Tell Siri to create it or click confirm and you’re done! You can now go to your Wunderlist inbox and refresh it. Remember, this method uses a series a triggers. You create a Reminder, which triggers IFTTT to send an email to Wunderlist, which then syncs the contents of that email with your Wunderlist app. So you might not see the new task in your inbox the second you add the reminder, but it also doesn’t take several minutes.
Photo Jul 14, 2 53 39 PM

And that’s it! Now, when you have those quick tasks that you need to throw into your Wunderlist inbox, you can just feed them to Siri and deal with them later. Easy peasy!

A cool added benefit of using this method is that you can create shared lists within Reminders with friends, family, or coworkers who can then send tasks to your Wunderlist inbox. They don’t even need to be Wunderlist users themselves, and they don’t ever have to touch an IFTTT recipe to do so. They just add a reminder or task to that shared list. For example, I have created a “Mike” list in Reminders that I have shared with my wife. She can then use Siri on her phone to add tasks to that shared list, and because I have the recipe setup to pull any new reminders, those tasks will then show up in my Wunderlist inbox. So I can now essentially create a way for anyone to send me tasks.


21 thoughts on “Add Tasks to Your Wunderlist Inbox via Siri and Apple Reminders

  1. All set up, several times – I do have an old gmail account so have changed ifttt address to the gmail a/c, but all I get is ifttt saying “We don’t recognize your email. Please make sure to send or forward emails to from the address that is associated with your Wunderlist account.” when I try Siri-reminders-…

    You don’t mention anything about forwarding – ALL?? emails from gmail???


    1. Hi, Jon. The gmail that you set up in IFTTT should also be connected with your Wunderlist account. So whatever gmail address you use to log in to Wunderlist should also be the same one listed here: Here is the recipe pre-built. All you have to do is type in the email box and click “Use Recipe”:

      Hope that helps! Let you know if you have any more trouble with it. I’ve actually found the easier method is to use SMS instead of email:


    1. Hi, Stephane! Unfortunately, due dates and reminders are not supported with sending tasks to Wunderlist via email. This method simply dumps the tasks into your inbox, where you can go to later and sort into lists and add due dates.


  2. Perfect! I use the “Add X to my Y List” with Siri and Reminders for groceries and general shopping already, so this is second nature. It makes my GTD ubiquitous capture heart happy. Thank you!


      1. I realized something just now that was giving me trouble: the IFTTT app must be open and running in the background for this recipe to run. Sometimes I close apps to save battery life, so I closed IFTTT, and this recipe stopped working. Re-opening IFTTT fixed it.


          1. Cool. That could use up text messages very quickly if you don’t have unlimited texts, though (e.g. if you are me).

            I actually like asking Siri to send an email to Wunderlist, though, which you mentioned in the comments of that post. I don’t know why I didn’t think of that! That would save me from having to clear out the Reminders list during my weekly review (I use GTD).

            On Tue, Feb 3, 2015 at 9:32 AM, Mike Singletary wrote:

            > Mike Singletary commented: “Hmmm… interesting. I actually switched > over to using SMS instead of Reminders. It’s a little quicker, and should > not require the IFTTT app to be open in the background to work. > > “


  3. Mike – I just downloaded IFTTT to my iPhone 6 but I wonder if it’s changed since you wrote this two years ago. I don’t see the Blue +. Only lots of suggestions for recipes and I can’t locate Wanderlust anyone through their search mechanism.


    1. Wunderlist isn’t on the IFTTT you want reminders>GMAIL or any mail program that IS listed (outlook works too).

      Then Reminders will EMAIL wunderlist and make the additon. This is a Wunderlist feature you can activate inside Wunderlist settings.

      If you can’t find the setting just email “” from the email account you set it up with and it will email you back a direct link to set up.

      Hope this helps

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Ok, so works great(ish). My issue is that once I complete Wunderlist or Mark completed rather, there is no way to interface BACK to reminders. So I have to mark it completed there too.

    Is there a workaround for this? I understand the barrier is that you can’t email BACK to reminders that something is finished because that protocol doesn’t exist.


  5. I’ve followed the instructions to the letter and they are simple enough but I could not get it to run. Keeps saying there is a problem with the request. I have both the IFTTT and Wunderlist accounts linked to my email. What could be the problem?


    1. Hmmm… where are you receiving this error message? From Siri or IFTTT or Wunderlist? Another option could to use Siri to email tasks to Wunderlist. With this process, you don’t even need IFTTT. As long as your default email address is also the one used to log in to your Wunderlist account, you can simply create a contact in your phone called Wunderlist and add as the contact’s email. From that point, you can simply ask Siri to “email Wunderlist”. The email subject will be the task and the body will be included in the notes portion of the task in Wunderlist. Hope that helps! 🙂


      1. Thanks for your help! The error is when I check the IFTTT in my devices, it tells me it has problems with the request. However, for reasons unknown to me, it now works. I do not know what happened. I had realized that none of my former recipes work anymore and so I fiddled with the settings here and there which by the way seemed normal to me in the first place and then it worked but not very reliable though. Not every item in Reminder gets transferred over to Wunderlist and I need to keep tapping check now for it to work. I read that IFTTT isn’t so stable with iOS maybe?
        I needed this because I am using the Paprika Recipe Manager in my iPad and not willing to spend another 4.99 buying the iPhone version. I don’t want to lug around my huge iPad to get to the Grocery Shopping List when I am shopping. I can export the grocery list to Reminders but then I have a shared family grocery list in Wunderlist 🙂 I can email it directly from Paprika to me@wunderlist but all the items will reside in the notes and not as individual items. I have not found a better way to incorporate my list all in one place yet. Anyway, thanks much for your help! I will try to figure it out in time what would work best.


  6. I received an alert about this post and was excited thinking THE Mike Singletary wS getting his GTD on. What a bummer. :-(. Actually thanks for the Intel. I know this is older but still useful. The problem with Wunderlist is it does not pass a time with their due date making calendar integration almost useless. My hope is to send Wunderlist TO Reminders, and that it provides the Remind Me time so that my calendar that consumes reminders will have that Intel. Thanks.


  7. Hi Mike, thank you for this Tut ! . is there a way when you tell siri, add to my ‘home’ list .. the reminder goes into my wunderlist called ‘home’ or if i say, siri, add to my ‘bucketlist’ to skydive .. then it only pops up on my wunderlist called ‘bucketlist’ .. becuase as of now, on my wunderlist, all new reminders goes into my default ‘inbox’ list .. thank you Mike


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