Sunrise: A Beautiful and Fast Calendar App for iOS

I’m a sucker for a beautiful calendar app. Unfortunately, it can sometimes be a little difficult to find one that balances form with the right functionality. Enter Sunrise.

I’ve had this app nestled in the “Update Watch” folder of my iPhone and have been following all of the little design and functionality tweaks along the way. I have never cared  much for the native Calendar app, and especially did not like the changes that came with iOS7. There are some great alternatives, and I have tested most of them, but after spending about 5 minutes on Sunrise after their last update, the app went straight to my front page. Sunrise works with Google and iCloud calendars, as well as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Foursquare, and Producteev (really hoping more project/task management apps are added down the road).
Some features that I love:

  1. Weather – Sunrise shows you today’s and tomorrow’s morning, afternoon, and evening weather forecasts. Nice to get that information when checking my day’s schedule in the morning.
  2. Foursquare Sync – I like being able to browse back through my calendar and see what I was doing on that one Saturday last month.
  3. Open address directions in Google Maps or Apple Maps. Options, folks.
  4. Assignable icons for different types of events, most of which are automatic. Coffee mug icon for coffee meetings, telephone icon for scheduled calls, etc.
  5. Write on Facebook friends’ wall on their birthday without leaving app. Efficiency.
  6. It’s so dang beautiful, sleek, and fast.

So here’s the thing. Sunrise is FREE. So you have no reason to NOT try it out. Download the app here.

Are you using Sunrise? How do you like it? What made you switch to Sunrise over other apps on the market?


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