Who I Am

I am a husband, father, Director of Coffee Excellence and Marketing at
Land of a Thousand Hills Coffee, freelance Community Manager at CloudPeeps, craft beer brewer, musician, reader, learner, thinker, buffalo wing connoisseur, productivity geek, and more.

I am not a guru. I have not arrived. Life is a continual stage of learning, and that’s my goal. Learning. Hacking. Growing. Processing. Giving. Receiving. I love the world of Community Management and the process of identifying and refining a brand’s voice and building stronger community through it. I’m also an app geek and always hunting for great new tools for being more productive at work and home. With this blog, I find myself writing mostly about social media, productivity,  apps, coffee, and just some awesome new things that I come across.

Thank you for taking the time to visit. I hope you enjoy your reading.